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How to Add a Mega Menu to Your WordPress Website

By / February 14, 2017

If your WordPress website contains a great deal of information, you’ve probably struggled with the shortcomings of vertical drop-down menus. When a user opens a long drop-down menu, many of the options are hidden below the bottom of the screen. Scrolling down to view the remaining options hides the top part of the menu. A long vertical menu doesn’t provide a good user experience and makes your website difficult to browse.

A mega menu replaces a traditional vertical drop-down menu with a horizontal menu that presents even more information while consuming much less vertical space. If you’ve ever visited popular e-commerce websites such as eBay and Newegg, you’ve seen mega menus in action. A mega menu can display dozens of total options without forcing the user to scroll. Mega menus also make it possible to use multiple fonts within the same menu or use icons to illustrate certain menu options.

WordPress has no built-in option for rendering a menu as a mega menu rather than a standard scrolling drop-down menu — but that limitation shouldn’t prevent you from providing a great experience to your users. Add a mega menu with one of these plugins instead.


The transition from desktop PCs to mobile devices is one of the greatest shortcomings of most websites’ menu systems. A mega menu that works perfectly on desktops and tablets wouldn’t work on a mobile phone due to the phone’s lack of horizontal space. UberMenu provides a fully responsive menu system that automatically scales down for smaller devices. It also supports touch input. UberMenu supports images within menus and makes it possible for you to add content such as widgets, maps, forms and search boxes.

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Max Mega Menu

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a mega menu to WordPress, Max Mega Menu is it. This free plugin automatically changes all of the menus that you’ve created in WordPress to mega menus. Just enable the plugin, and you’re done. Max Mega Menu includes a built-in theme editor that allows you to change the appearance of your menus. It also supports embedded widgets.

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Mega Main Menu

If your website uses WPML to support multiple languages, Mega Main Menu may be the best WordPress mega menu plugin for your needs. After installation, Mega Main Menu will automatically display the translated menu options that you’ve added within WordPress. Mega Main Menu even supports right-to-left languages. Mega Main Menu supports more than 600 Google fonts. It also includes more than 600 vector icons that look beautiful on all devices — even those with Retina displays.

Check out Mega Main Menu (Premium, $14)

WR Mega Menu

Although a plugin that can create a mega menu from any standard WordPress menu is a useful tool, the WordPress menu system limits your options for creating an excellent user experience. The WordPress menu system, for example, doesn’t let you use icons or tooltips to describe menu options. WR Mega Menu replaces the WordPress menu system with a new interface designed specifically for the creation of mega menus. WR Mega Menu is responsive for mobile devices. Its visual editor allows you to see changes to your menus in real time, eliminating the need to flip between your website and administrative interface to see changes.

Check out WR Mega Menu (Free)


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time tweaking your mega menus to make them look nice, you might like Suppamenu. It has 10 built-in skins that make it easy for you to select a menu that blends well with your existing website. Suppamenu also has built-in support for WooCommerce, so you can allow customers to view their shopping carts while they continue to browse your website.

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