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Best WordPress Slider Plugins

By / February 14, 2017

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring front page when you look at your website? A slider is a great way to spruce up your home page and increase user engagement. A slider displays large scrolling images, text and buttons at the top of your website’s front page. You can also add sliders to articles, blog posts and product pages.

Sliders are great for:

  • Generating attention for your website’s most important content
  • Showing individual products from multiple angles
  • Showing a great deal of content without increasing a page’s vertical length

The best part about sliders is the fact they’re easy to add to a WordPress website. Your website’s theme doesn’t have slider support? No problem! Add a slider with one of these great slider plugins for WordPress.

Slider Revolution

Link (Premium, $25)

Used by more than 2.5 million WordPress websites, Slider Revolution is among the most powerful and flexible slider plugins available. What sets Slider Revolution apart from other slider plugins is all of the things that it includes:

  • Multiple types of sliders including carousels, hero blocks, social media feeds and presentations
  • Free library of icons and other images that you can add to sliders
  • Visual editor for extra flexibility
  • Interface for creating hand-drawn interactive animations
  • Templates that allow you to get started quickly

WP Slider Plugin

Link (Free)

WP Slider Plugin is free, but it includes a feature that’s rare among free WordPress slider plugins: a visual editor. With the visual editor, you can see exactly what your slides will look like to website visitors while you create them. WP Slider Plugin also supports skins. Using the skinning feature, you can download or create new skins to change the appearance of your sliders.


Link (Premium, $20)

LayerSlider’s most impressive feature is its large library of animations that provide beautiful options for transitioning from slide to slide. The Origami effect, for example, makes your images appear to fold and unfold. LayerSlider also features 3-D effects, parallax scrolling, effects that pop out of the slider and more. LayerSlider has a large library of templates, and each template is responsive for mobile devices. It includes full support for Retina and other high-resolution devices.

Huge-It Slider

Link (Free)

If you prefer to use a simple WordPress slider plugin without an overly large number of options to slow down the creative process, Huge-It Slider may be a good choice for you. Huge-It Slider allows you to place a slider anywhere on your website — even in the sidebar. In addition to image slides, Huge-It Slider supports embedded videos from websites such as YouTube. Although Huge-It Slider may not be the most powerful plugin for adding a Slider to WordPress, it is very easy to use. After installing the plugin, you can have a working slider within minutes.

Meta Slider

Link (Free)

With more than 700,000 websites using it, Meta Slider is one of the most popular free slider plugins for WordPress. Meta Slider allows you to select from four different image rendering engines. Each engine has its own built-in animations and other features. Meta Slider also has built-in SEO features that allow you to add tags and other metadata to your slides for better search engine exposure. If Meta Slider has any drawback, it is that the free version doesn’t support the ability to embed videos in slides.

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