Pressidium Review

pressidium review

Pressidium are one of the new kids on the block in a segment of the hosting marketing focussed purely on WordPress hosting. They may be new, but the founders come from a long background in enterprise grade hosting and infrastructure so they are not new to the game of scaling systems. And it shows in the platform they’ve built to provide enterprise grade infrastructure to everyone.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, this site is hosted by Pressidium and we’ve been using third party services, and, to monitor it’s performance and inform a proper Pressidium review…

Pressidium Uptime

We’ve been using Pressidium to host for  a little over two months. When we set up the new site we created a Pingdom check to monitor site uptime and response times every minute from multiple locations all around the world. The results are impressive with a total of 60 seconds of downtime recorded since we started. No host is perfect but this is about as close as it gets.


Last updated June 28, 2015

Pressidium Load Performance

Uptime is important, but to do a proper review of Pressidium we also wanted to know how much traffic the site could realistically handle. To test this we ran this site through to see how many concurrent users it would cope with and found it performed very well, with no impact whatsoever all the way up to 1000 simultaneous users…


This test measures average load time of the test script as the number of concurrent users increases over a 10min period, simulating a sudden influx of traffic. As you can see the average load time didn’t really change, all the way up to 1000 concurrent virtual users. We are using the Personal Pressidium plan at $24.90/mth and are very pleased with this kind of performance. You definitely wouldn’t see a shared plan handle that many concurrent visitors.

To be clear about the load time, this is not average page load time (our pages are faster than that), it is the average time it took to run each virtual user in the test through the testing script which involved visiting multiple pages. We actually created three different user scenarios to simulate a normal visitor checking anywhere from 3-7 pages on the site. The testing service then runs through these scenarios like a regular visitor from multiple locations all around the world, they do this over a period of 10mins, increasing the number of concurrent virtual users all the way up to 1000. The goal is to see at what point the site starts to give way and slow down. In this case the site didn’t slow down at all.

Pressidium Control Panel

One of the advantages that managed WordPress hosting companies have is the ability to customize their administration processes and tools to suit a WordPress site. And Pressidium do a really nice job of this. This is a screenshot of the main account dashboard…


Nice and clean, and free of any extraneous features or functions you will never use. When you drill into each site in your account you have really easy to use features like the ability to quickly deploy a staging version of your site, or quickly restore from one of the automated daily backups…

Pressidium backups

We have also been impressed by the Pressidium support. All network issues and updates have been promptly and professionally communicated.

Pressidium Pricing

Pressidium’s pricing plans are comparable to all the other managed WordPress hosting providers, but we like that they offer an entry level plan for a single blog which is really a great place to start…


1 Install/Domain
10k Visits/Mth
Ticket Support
SSL Extra
CDN Extra


3 Installs/Domains
30k Visits/Mth
Phone Support
SSL Extra
CDN Extra


10 Installs/Domains
100k Visits/Mth
Phone Support
SSL Included
CDN Extra


25 Installs/Domains
500k Visits/Mth
Phone Support
SSL Included
CDN Included