Resources for Studying Abroad in New Zealand

By / January 10, 2016

New Zealand is rich with opportunities for students who are interested in studying abroad. Review the following resources to ensure that your transition to studying in a foreign country is smooth and stress-free.


For information about the important documents needed to study abroad in New Zealand, visit The site offers details about visa and passport information. It also offers tips regarding the additional documents that you’ll need to travel to the country. To study in New Zealand, you will need to fill out form 1012, which is the New Zealand student visa application document. When filling out official forms, remember to make copies for your records. You will also owe several fees, so be sure to plan accordingly.


The cost of living in New Zealand is comparable to the United States. For details regarding the country’s cost of living, check Currently, $1 in the United States is worth $1.50 in New Zealand currency. You will likely pay less for food, housing and personal care products in New Zealand while the cost of transportation and clothing is typically more. New Zealand’s physical location combined with a small population increases the prices of some imported goods.

Universities and Programs

A number of the country’s higher education facilities and learning organizations, such as the Media Design School, welcome those who are interested in studying abroad by offering specific programs. Students can learn about modern languages, education and computer sciences. The American Institute for Foreign Studies, or AIFS, also has programs available. Through AIFS, you can study the region’s environment and learn about international relations.

New Zealand Tourism Guide

New Zealand’s culture focuses on the outdoors. Each region is distinctive, and there are different activities and amazing scenic areas in every one. The country’s major cities feature plenty of restaurants, nightlife and art, but New Zealand’s main attractions were made by Mother Nature. The Maori people, who are the country’s first residents, are seeing recognition for their contributions to New Zealand’s culture. Many locals are working to preserve the Maori culture and include it in their everyday lives. For instance, as you traverse the country, you’ll see signs that are printed in both languages, and people are beginning to mention locales by their Maori title. New Zealand school kids learn the language. If you have the time, you should consider learning it too.


When packing for your trip, check the website. It features a packing list for those who are studying abroad. Keep in mind that airlines have size limitations when it comes to luggage, and even if you check your bags, you will have to transport them much of the time. Keep items like your passport, student ID card and cash on your person at all times. Also, consider investing in a quality raincoat as the country is a wet one. Make sure that it is light enough to bring with you on every outing. Bring walking shoes as well as shower shoes. Also, pack an alarm clock, sunscreen and prescription medication.

New Zealand Customs Service

The New Zealand government does require duty on items that you buy and take back to the United States. Be sure to check the requirements and fee totals before bringing goods back. Also, if you’re transporting expensive items into the country, such as a camera or a laptop, you must declare them to avoid additional duty fees.

Last Considerations

With its pretty locale, intriguing culture and educational opportunities, New Zealand has a lot to offer those who want study there abroad. The country’s cost of living is comparable to the United States while the locals are helpful and friendly. In fact, the only problem with New Zealand is that students who are studying there tend to fall in love with it.

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