Best Responsive Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress

By / August 14, 2015


Photo galleries and lightboxes are designed to show off you photos and videos in clean, attractive layouts that display well on all devices. To ensure that all visitors have the same viewing experience, you need a simple way to design a responsive photo gallery for your WordPress site.

Responsive galleries use code to check the device and screen size being used and deliver images that not only fit the screen but also have a smaller file size to facilitate faster downloading. These popular plugins for WordPress utilize this type of code to display images through platforms that provide easy navigation whether visitors are using a touchscreen, keyboard or mouse.

Share Prints

Use images already in your WordPress media gallery to create lightboxes directly in the page and post editor with Share Prints. This premium plugin features a responsive layout designed with mobile users in mind. When you set up a gallery, Share Prints automatically creates all the images sizes needed to serve a variety of devices. Each of the seven gallery types is highly responsive to touch screens, and advanced lightbox features create a stunning display area for all of your photos.

Share Prints disables right clicking to prevent photo theft but allows visitors to share images on social media and leave comments so that you can build a community around your work. Upload unlimited images and create as many galleries as you want to keep people talking.

Nextgen Pro

This premium WordPress plugin is designed for photographers who wish to showcase and sell their work in both digital and physical formats. Nextgen Pro offers multiple photo gallery layout options that allow you to display individual galleries or collect similar galleries together into albums. Social media integration and the ability to deep link to images within galleries simplifies your promotional efforts.

With Nextgen Pro, you can create unlimited price lists for multiple image and print sizes. The ability to associate these prices with different images and galleries makes it easy to list your entire inventory. Integration with both PayPal and Stripe lets you offer simple, intuitive payment methods to customers.

Envira Gallery

With both “Lite” and “Pro” versions available, Envira Gallery is accessible to all artists and photographers. Use this plugin to create photo galleries within WordPress posts and pages or put together “global” galleries to display anywhere you your site. The simple interface and intuitive workflow includes seamless integration with the WordPress media gallery and drag-and-drop sorting of images.

Envira Gallery uses a combination of queries, caching and preloading to deliver images as quickly as possible. The modular design includes options to upgrade with add-ons that improve and personalize plugin operation. Incorporate videos, social media, password protected areas, gallery themes and more for enhanced gallery creation.

Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox is a free, customizable lightbox plugin designed just to add responsive image galleries to your WordPress website. The plugin includes mobile-optimized responsive layouts that resize images automatically to fit users’ screens. Use themes, captions and descriptions to customize your lightbox and give visitors more information about your images.

Simple Lightbox is as easy to use as the name suggests. Insert images or image attachments into the post or page you’re working on and the plugin takes care of all the necessary coding and link creation. Set your images to play as a slideshow or create custom collections for specific pages. With add-ons that include a video player and WooCommerce integration, this app is ready to deliver a powerful responsive experience.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Based on the open source bootstrap platform, Responsive Photo Gallery has a sleek, streamlined interface that includes fade animation, lightbox image previews and the option to create multiple galleries. Upload as many images as you want and use shortcodes to display one or more of your galleries on each page of your site. Image sizes will automatically readjust based on the screen resolution of a visitor’s device.

The pro version of this plugin unlocks unlimited fonts and colors to help personalize your galleries and match them to your current website design. A multiple image uploader and drag-and-drop editing tools make gallery creation even easier.

Smart Grid Gallery

With Grid Gallery, you get multiple layout options for your images, including horizontal, vertical and fixed. Customize the look of you galleries with shadow effects, borders, captions and more. Galleries can include videos, posts and pages as well as images, so you can showcase the best of all your work in one place. Integration with all WordPress themes means that your image galleries fit seamlessly into the flow of your current design.

The Grid Gallery plugin is optimized for mobile to ensure that all of your mobile visitors get the best possible experience from your website. Upgrade to the pro version for custom icons and more social media options to share and promote your images on any platform.

These responsive image gallery plugins make it easy to show off your best work in a professional-quality portfolio or sell your images to people around the world. With seamless WordPress integration and simple interfaces, you’ll have the perfect custom gallery setup in no time.

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